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Our company are certificated by ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, which has been the guidelines to lead our overall company’s quality control management. Under this guidelines, we have improved advanced QC management system, conducted daily inspection to each step of the production process,so it can be high efficiency services to the quality management purpose.

Our company have continually introducing more advanced automatic machine to fully achieve the strategic of production automation and product quality stabilization. Raw material: Advanced high-tech equipment, such as Metallurgical Microscope and Carbon sulfur analyzer, has been improved to make sure that all materials met the quality request of spare parts production.

Plate punching: Continuously high speed precision punching machine,assemble with the die plate (degree of precision is 0.003mm) made by BMW-3000 CNC cutting machine, will highly improved the plate punching quality.

Chain parts heat treatment: automatic mesh conveyor belt production line has advantage of temperature
control,automatic conveyor,quenching hardness even;Tilting converter largely reduced the product distortion, and improved the wear quality and toughness of the chain parts by nitrocementation technology.

Chains assembling: Automatic assemble production line, optimized by integrate disassemble, pre-load, assemble together,and included the double checking device of shortage of chain parts, largely improved not only the product speed but also whole chains quality.

Chains riveting: Improved the technology of two sides rivets to four sides rivets, so the chains are better looking and firmer.

Oiling and packing: All chains are soaked by “Rust Ban” oil which is widely used specially for motorcycle chains, then conveyor to the automatic packing line after hanging to room temperature. The latest introduced CNC high speed packing machine, take place of the hand package, makes the packing neat, clear and accordance.